Fruit Squishies Pack of 6 With Mango Silly Fruit Squishy Toys

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  • Please Play With Your Food! Smush 'em, squash 'em, squeeze 'em. They'll languidly rise right back up again. Pack them down and watch them slowly expand back out. They'll always be at the prime of ripeness
  • Got Stress or Anxiety? Get Relief! Release tension and take out frustrations harmlessly on fruit. Go ahead, squeeze the mango during that conference call, toss the peach at your TV without the resulting mess
  • A Package of Sun: You get a lemon, mango, pineapple, strawberry, apple, and peach in this colorful, sunny collection, mixing citrus with tropical. Brighten up a big bowl with bouncy cuteness


Details: No mess, no fuss, no worry about allergies with this delightfully scented squishy, squeezable fruit collection.

This is one of those times where its not only acceptable to play with your food, its encouraged! Enjoy stress release, anxiety relief, or just some fun relaxation for you, and let kids have them for some worry-free play.

Note: when you first get them, let them breathe!

These are brand new from the factory, so they'll need to expand, and smell of fresh paint and fabric. While some people like that, we recommend you air them out for a day before letting kids at them. But don't delay any longer - get yours now!